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Way of life in the Neolithic Age

Here is some theory what we prepared for you. In the Palaeolithic Age, which lasted several 100 000 years, people lived by gathering food and hunting. About 10 000 years ago, a change began - homework help on . In the eastern fringes of Mesopotamia, people discovered that wild grasses could be grown into food crops that they could cultivate in fields. They were thus able to produce grain in stock.

They succeeded in getting wild sheep and goats used to them and were gradually able to keep them as domestic animals. Thus, the meat supply was no longer dependent on hunting alone. People who had spent thousands of years wandering around as hunter-gatherers became sedentary. They began to farm and raise livestock.

The transition to sedentariness fundamentally changed people's lives. This epoch, which represented a revolution in the history of human development, is called the Neolithic - online class help . Neolithic ways of life gradually spread from the Orient to Europe.

Way of life in the Neolithic Age

For about 50,000 years, there were useful plant communities and wild forms of goat and sheep in western Eurasia north of Mesopotamia - history homework help (Fertile Crescent). Evidence of wild forms of emmer, einkorn and barley can be found. Stone mortars and pestles indicate that the grains were processed.

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