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Yeast not Bread and not Beer

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

I was reading the other day and an article caught my eye . It was about how the maker of Mevacor,a cholesterol medicine, was trying to suppress the suppliers of Red Yeast Rice Extract.. It turns out that Red Yeast Rice Extract (RYRE) has the same cholesterol lowering substances as Mevacor. Mevacor is the name of a prescription pharmaceutical used to lower cholesterol This Substance is Monacolin K also known as lovestatin when used in Mevacor. The RYRE is of course much cheaper than Mevacor.

I've seen this before where a pharmaceutical company uses a naturally occurring substance and in an effort to protect their profit want to "owm" natural substances.

Well anyway looking into RYRE is not such a bad thing to do as a first step if you are looking to control high cholesterol.

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David Soy
David Soy
Apr 17

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Jeffrey Jonathan
Jeffrey Jonathan
Oct 08, 2022

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