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I came across a great article which had a study which showed that adding Arginine to a fluoride toothpaste increase the cavity fighting ability of the fluoride an incredible amount! It seems too easy to be true. There it was in black and white. Considering that most people don't brush their teeth nearly long enough and don't do a good job of it to boot, this is great news. It is a small change that makes a huge difference.  If someone really wants to read the article here is the Link

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The Mariners are sending a information - Lookout Landing

The Mariners haven generally experienced the least complicated season signing cost-free brokers. They landed 2 substantial names immediately after 2004 within just Richie Sexson and Adrin Beltr, back again While the staff nonetheless experienced some glow upon them, using received at minimum amount 90 online games inside 4 of the earlier 5 decades. Simply because then, it been thin Or just take Julio John Olerud Jersey, who delighted towards pay back his finish job inside Seattle. Any time he signed his extension, he experienced this in direction of say above getting with the Mariners:What can I say I exactly pleased toward be a Mariner. I specifically satisfied towards be a Mariner…

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