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I was thinking as I struggled to see an article I was reading. What is a really great modern improvement in Dentistry? There are computerized Root Canals which shortened the procedure form three 1 hour appointments to 1 hour. There are digital Xrays reducing radiation by 90%. Computer generated braces. Computer generated crowns. Implants. Invisible Removable bridges. Then the obvious came in to view. The ability to see is so much better than it was just 10 years ago. The glasses are called Loupes and they magnify what you see. They range from 2X which make things a little larger to 6X which make the period on this page the size of a manhole cover. When things really need to made huge then they have dental microscopes. They are much better than just glasses and leaps beyond nothing at all. It is just not as exciting as the other advances.

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